Piano Lessons Online – What happened to shawncheekeasy on YouTube?

April 23, 2010
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Yes, along with many other song tutorial channels, my piano lesson channel was suspended. Why? My guess is you guys just made me too popular! The record companies have been putting a lot of pressure on YouTube to get rid of the tall trees lately, and I was just one of many. It wasn’t only that we had over 25,000,000 views, but there were thousands of successful websites that had embedded my videos as well. YouTube was making a lot of dough from advertising due to the heavy traffic shawncheekeasy was generating, and record companies don’t like that. If the record companies had it there way you wouldn’t be able to mention a song title in a conversation without paying a nickel!

Technically, it is not illegal to teach a lesson on a copyrighted song. It IS illegal, however, to provide the published music manuscript, use the actual song recording, or sing the song through in its entirety. I made sure never to do those things. I mean, come on, YouTube is jam packed full of song tutorials that remain intact. I never dreamed of being this successful when I started, and just planned on being one bee in the hive of song tutorials on YouTube. Anywho, I can’t complain. It was a fun ride, and now we are working on the future.

http://www.youtube.com/webpianoteacher2 is my new YouTube channel, and I am not including any song titles or artists names in the tags or titles when I do a video. YES, I am still doing your favorite songs, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what the lesson is on. If people find me, it will be because they are looking for me personally, or just piano lessons in general, and that’s fine with me. In just 2 weeks, we’ve had 26,000 views already! We are also looking into buying licenses from BMI and ASCAP just to cover all our bases and be totally in the clear. The website http://www.webpianoteacher.com that includes my entire video library (obvious plug) is still going pretty strong, and I’m busy as every making new HD videos. Thanks for all the support!

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